Hair Loss Due to Stress and Anxiety: 7 Best Ways To Treat It

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Hair loss due to stress and anxiety | How Stress and Anxiety are Linked to Hair Loss

Hair loss due to stress and anxiety  How Stress and Anxiety are Linked to Hair Loss
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Stress and anxiety are also one of the main causes of hair loss, due to which your hair falls in excess. Mostly anxiety creat long-term and persistent stress. 
When you are getting stress for a long period then it’s a direct effect on your hair growth cycle. Because of this reason ( due to prolonged stress) your anagen phase hair directly goes into the resting phase(telogen phase).
When your stress decreases or after two to three months you are in the normal state (after a traumatic or stressful event) then your hair starts to fall in excess. The hair loss that you face after the stress is also known as a Telogen effluvium. 
Usually, 100 of our hair falls every day, but 300 to 400 hairs start falling every day in telogen effluvium, It happens until your resting face hair falls completely. 
But one thing I want to tell you when your resting phase(telogen phase) hair falls completely(after 2 to 3 months), then new hair starts growing at the same place. 
Don’t worry about this. Many hair loss conditions can arise due to stress which includes: 
  • Trichotillomania: It is also known as a hair-pulling disorder, this happens due to extreme stress, anxiety, depression, boredom, or frustration.
  • Alopecia AreataWhen you have alopecia areata then you may see bald patches of hair on the scalp, It can also be caused by stress.

Hair loss from stress how long does it last

Stress is a common cause of temporary hair loss. Hair shedding usually saw several months after a traumatic or stressful event. Hair loss due to stress usually lasts for around 3 to 4 months rarely lasts in some causes for 6 months.

Hair loss due to stress will it grow back

Yes, absolutely you will grow back after several months or after stress full event. But one thing you need to know after your resting phase hair falls completely, new hair will start growing in that place. 
If you want to regain your hair, first of all, you have to reduce your stress. This is the only way to regain your hair.

Is Stress-Related Hair Loss Permanent?

No, stress-related hair loss is a temporary hair loss. Take some treatments that help you to get back your fallen hair.

How to regain hair loss from stress | Hair loss due to stress and anxiety treatment

Here are many ways that help you to regain hair loss from stress
  • 1.Adopt Hair Care Routine
If you want to regain your hair then adopt a good hair care routine based on your hair.  It helps you to improve your hair growth. 

Take these basic steps that help you to regain your hair:

Try to wash your hair with organic shampoo.  

Use an organic conditioner on your hair after shampooing.

Try to use an organic moisturizer on your hair.


  • 2. Stress Management
Here are some stress management techniques that help you to reduce your stress: 

Study and practice relaxation techniques

Examine your values and live by them.

Positive Thinking

Sell yourself to yourself.

Set realistic goals and expectations.

Consult A Therapist

Eat and drink sensibly.

Assert yourself.

Stop smoking or other bad habits.

Exercise regularly.

Take responsibility



  • 3. Diet and nutrition
Try to take a healthy diet that includes some important vitamin-like complex carbohydrates, omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, Vitamin C, and so on. 
Here are some healthy foods that help you to reduce stress:  



Sweet Peppers






Sweet Potatoes, and so on.


  • 4. Topical Treatments
You can use a topical treatment to regain your hair loss from stress. You can use minoxidil, Castor oil, Topical corticosteroids on your hair it helps you to regrowth healthy hair.

What if you aren’t seeing improvement?

Here are many factors that also could cause hair loss:

medications, like some blood thinners or antidepressants

illness or recent surgery


Nervous habits

hormonal changes, like childbirth or menopause

nutritional deficiency, like a lack of sufficient protein or




Vitamins for stress and hair loss | The 8 Best Vitamins for Hair Growth | Vitamins for hair

1. Vitamin C

2. Vitamin E

3. Vitamin A

4. B-Vitamins

5. Vitamin D

6. Iron

7. Protein

8. Zinc



7 Effective Ways to Increase Your Vitamin D Levels

Try a UV lamp

Consume fatty fish and seafood

Include egg yolks in your diet

Spend time in sunlight

Eat more mushrooms

Take a supplement

Eat fortified foods


Vitamin D Foods | 11 Healthy Foods That Are High in Vitamin D | Vitamin D Vegetables

Cod liver oil

Egg yolks


Canned tuna

Herring and sardines

Fortified foods




White beans

Beef liver


Diet for Healthy Hair and Hair Growth






Sweet Peppers


Sweet Potatoes

Fatty Fish







In this article, I was discussed in detail hair loss due to stress and anxiety. How to regain hair loss from stress? and diet and nutrition and supplements and so on, That helps you to regain your healthy hair.
I hope it’s helpful for you.  
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