Best Keratin Treatment For Curly Hair (Step-By-Step Guide)


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What Is Keratin? What Does Keratin Do For Your Hair?


Keratin is the most important protein which is available on your hair, skin, and nails 


  • It can help you to maintain your hair, skin, and nail health. 
  • It can help you to protect your hair from humidity.
  • It is naturally present in your hair, nails, and skin.


So, if keratin is naturally present on your hair then why do you need to take it from outer sources like keratin treatments? Because as you age your hairs start losing its keratin due to this your hair loses its ability to protect from humiditySo, if you take keratin treatment then it can help your hair follicles to reach the protine.   


What Foods Contain Keratin? 

  • Nuts
  • Yogurt
  • Chicken
  • Oysters
  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Salmon
  • Blueberries
  • Red meat
  • Almonds


Is A Keratin Treatment Good For Your Hair?

Are you know? Keratin treatment is a great idea for those who want smooth, frizz-free, and straight hair for the long term. Usually, it is a chemical process. But it is better than a relaxing treatmentKeratin Treatment can last up to six months.



Keratin Hair Treatment Methods 

  • Step #1: First of all hairstylists can wash your hair.
  • Step #2: Your hairstylist can apply the keratin to your wet hair.
  • Step #3: Your hairstylist can use a brush to apply the product.
  • Step #4: They can use a fine-tooth comb to ensure that the treatment is spared to your hair strands.
  • Step #5: They can leave your hair in treatment for 30 minutes.
  • Step #6: Your hairstylist can use heat and flat iron(titanium flat iron) to straighten out your hair, try to make sure that they set up the right temperature
  • Step #7: Try to avoid using saltwater( swimming pool), and also avoid using sulfate shampoos, and avoid washing your hair for 3 days.  


Keratin treatment pros | What are the benefits of keratin treatments?  


Keratin treatment pros | What are the benefits of keratin treatments?  
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Here are 9 benefits or pros of keratin treatment: 


  • 1. It can make your hair more manageable.
  • 2. It can make your hair smooth.
  • 3. It can help you to make your hair look smooth and thicker.
  • 4.  It can help you to fill in gaps in the proteins of each hair strand.
  • 5. It can help you to make your hair look straighter and glossy
  • 6. It can make your hair shinier.
  • 7. Make your hair fuller.
  • 8. It can make your hair less frizzy.
  • 9. It can help you to prevent hair damage and breakage.


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Keratin treatment cons | What are the Side-effects of keratin treatments? 


  • 1. It can cause mood changes.
  • 2. It can cause hair breakage or damage.
  • 3. It can lead to scalp irritation.
  • 4. It can lead to scalp burns or blisters.
  • 5. It can cause headaches.
  • 6. It can cause nausea.
  • 7. It can cause hair loss.
  • 8. It can cause itchy skin.
  • 9. It can cause a skin rash.
  • 10. It can cause stinging, itching, and burning eyes.
  • 11. It can cause allergic reactions.
  • 12. It can cause coughing.
  • 13. It can cause wheezing.
  • 14. It can cause chest tightness.
  • 15. It can cause nose and throat irritation.
  • 16. It can cause a runny nose.


Who Should Avoid It? 

It is a chemical process and any individual woman who is pregnant should avoid it. Because it is not safe to take this treatment during pregnancy.


Can I Tie My Hair After Keratin Treatment? 

As you know your hair needs more care for three days after a keratin treatment, and also you should avoid using any kind of tie on your hair for 3 daysAvoid making any kind of ponytails on your hair using a tie. Try to use sulfate-free shampoos after three days. 


How Long Does A Keratin Treatment Session Take?

As you know it takes a maximum of 2-4 hoursBut the time duration is decided depending on your hair type 


Can I Do Keratin Treatment At Home?

Yes, you can do it at home but it is not so effective. If you do it at home then it can last up to some weeksBut if you take it at any professional salon, it is better than home. Because if you take it at the salon then it lasts for 6 months.   


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Okay, is it different from a chemical relaxer?

Yes, here are the differences:

  • 1. As you know straightening chemical relaxers are mainly permanent. On the other hand; Keratine treatments are mainly temporary.

Is it safe?

No, because keratin treatment can use formaldehyde which is not suitable for you. I earlier discussed the side effects of using keratin treatments or formaldehyde. 

Try to take formaldehyde-free treatments, it is safe for you, but it is not effective(not last for longer) in compression of formaldehyde treatments. 


Why Choose a Keratin Smoothing Treatment For Curls? 

Here’s exactly what a keratin treatment does to curly hair: 

  • Defined curls
  • Doesn’t make your hair straight
  • Removes and prevents frizz
  • Smoothness 
  • Hair color is more vibrant
  • Curls easy to detangle
  • Strengthens the s-bonds
  • Make hair shiny
  • Prevents color fade
  • Improves curl texture
  • Without tangles
  • Curls smooth
  • Fixes porosity problems
  • Saves a lot of time when styling


How To Do a Keratin Treatment For Curly Hair

  • Step #1: Try to use a deep cleansing shampoo on your hair to clean your hair. When you apply shampoo to your hair then try to massage your hair for 5 minutes with it.
  • Step #2: Then try to wash your hair. After that try to dry your hair(100% dry).
  • Step #3: Try to apply the BotoHair Treatment to your hair. 
  • Step #4: Try to incorporate one part BotoHair Collagen Smoothing System with two parts BotoHair Reconstructor Balm.
  • Step #5: Try to mix it well.
  • Step #6: Try to part your hair into 4 sections and try to apply the product to small sections of your hair from scalp to ends.
  • Step #7: Starting at the nape of the neck, leave ½ inch of space from the scalp area.
  • Step #8: Leave for 10 minutes.
  • Step #9: Try to use blow-dry to dry your hair 100%.
  • Step #10: Try to use flat Iron In your hair sections.
  • Step #11: Try to divide your hair into 4 parts.
  • Step #12: Try to use flat iron 3 to 5 times in thin sections.
  • Step #13: Try to wash your hair and style as desired. 


Which Keratin Treatment for Curly Hair is Right for You? 

  • Keratin Express
  • Soft Keratin Treatment
  • Brazilian Blowout
  • Japanese Keratin Treatment


7 Steps on How to Use Keratin Treatment at Home 

  • Step #1: Try to wash your hair with shampoo and while shampooing tries to take massage with your fingertips for 5 minutes. Wash it with cool water. Avoid using conditioner on your hair.
  • Step #2: Try to dry your hair about 80% using a cotton t-shirt. Try to coat the hair strands with the keratin treatment. Try to stop at one inch from the scalp. Try to massage your hair with a product.
  • Step #3: Try to comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb. Try to leave this treatment for 30 minutes.
  • Step #4: Try to wash your hair thoroughly and try to ensure that no product buildup is left on your hair.
  • Step #5: Try to use blow-dry on your hair to dry your wet hair completely and then try to separate your hair into small sections. Try to use iron on your hair one small section at a time.
  • Step #6: Avoid washing your hair and wait for 48 hours.
  • Step #7: Try to wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner after 48 hours.



In this article, I have discussed in detail Keratin Treatment For Curly Hair.

I hope it’s helpful for you.

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Does keratin make your hair oily?

Yes, you will feel greasy. Wait for 3 to 4 days for the treatment to settle in. 

Why is my hair frizzy after keratin treatment?

It happens when your hair dries naturally after the treatment.

How Long Should You Keep Keratin in Your Hair?

Only for three days. But keratin treatment will last for roughly 8 to 12 weeks.

The Best Keratin Treatment for Curly Hair? 

Inoar BotoHair smoothing treatment.

I colored my hair. Can I still get a keratin treatment?

 Yes, you can do it, if you have colored hair then you can take keratin treatment on your hair. 

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