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Hair loss


Hi friendsare you in search of what are the causes of hair loss? and how to stop hair loss?

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⇒What are the causes of hair loss in males or females?


⇒15 things  you unknowingly do that  damage your hair


⇒How to stop hair fall naturally at home?


⇒Is It Actually Possible to Regrow Hair?


⇒Does Hair Transplant Work? Types, Effectiveness, side effects, and recovery.


when my hair started falling out then I was very surprised and to stop my hair loss problem, I have seen seven hundred plus videos in youtube and I have read on a lot of blog posts, then I came to know what is causing my hair loss and I came to know how can I stop my hair loss problem?

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This guide is collective information of various sources, in case you have any questions in mind then describe your problem in the comment box, I will respond as soon as possible.


Age-Related Hair Loss | The three age-related stages of female hair loss


I’m sure Evo shoot at the annual meeting of the Pacific dermatological dr. Vera price is an expert on hair thinning in women she thinks of it as three distinct stages that are age-related but not necessarily androgen-related well a hair

thinning occurs at three different stages and we divided this stage is based on the age of onset of the thinning so typically if spinning starts somewhere in the teens 20s 30s up to the age of 40 approximately we call it

androgenetic alopecia this is a typical male and female pattern thinning that we’re all familiar with and if thinning starts in the late decades the 60s 70s 80s and older we calling that senescent

thinning or age-related thinning and we now know that in women there’s an in-between group where the thinning seems to start for the first time as somewhere between 45 and 55 and this is a less well-defined group which is now

being called female pattern hair loss where the role of androgens isn’t as clear-cut as it is in the early onset group the tendency has been to think of thinning if you know you have androgenetic alopecia in your early years and you

continue to thin your late years there’s been thinking that that’s just to continue them that it’s part of the same process and we now know that hormonal the enzymes responsible for androgenetic alopecia namely 5-alpha

reductase type 1 and type 2 their levels are way down in the later decades and we also know that if we do Gina race studies they look entirely different if we take a group of men and look these patterns in the early-onset group and the

age-related late-onset group and we also know what I like to use as my most compelling bit of evidence that it’s not just to continue them it’s not and it’s not a dihydrotestosterone

the mediated event as androgenetic alopecia is in both men and women it’s it if we look at the men who have been using five milligrams of finasteride which is known as Proscar for their enlarged prostates benign

prostatic hypertrophy if the age-related thinning was due to a DHT mediated phenomenon those men should be regrowing their hair and they are not regrowing their hair so I think that’s a very compelling argument that senescent

thinning that occurs in our late decades which I like to call age-related or wisdom-related thinning that is not a dihydrotestosterone mediated event and in our later decades the finasteride will not be particularly effective in that

later group some treatments work for all three stages and some don’t the nice thing is that minoxidil will work in all three groups so if you use it properly it should be effective in all the groups that the thing about minoxidil is it works

slowly and it takes time to see the effect but if you have a particle that’s not fully expressing its full potential what we

calla suboptimal follicle it will respond but you may have to wait for six to twelve months to see that response so minoxidil is the one option the other the option which is a little which requires a little more thought we because

finasteride is basically approved for use in men who have androgenetic alopecia if a woman cannot conceive if she’s had a hysterectomy if she’s 25 or 30 years old but she can no longer conceive yes the nass tried it would be effective

for her androgenetic alopecia as well but as I say you have to use that carefully because if a woman conceives while she’s taking finasteride and if she has a male fetus the female

the fetus will have a genital defect we now know that manage still comes as a solution and it comes as a foam and these are often associated with used only in men or used in women and so on we know that either concentration and

either the solution or the foam version can be used in either men or women be a foam version of anoxia at the moment has been used and studied officially only in men, so we don’t have a study yet officially in women using the

phone but there’s no reason why you can’t use the phone that would be off-label you have to take all any concern about hair thinning very seriously I think the first thing is no matter what you think the diagnosis might be I

always check for lab tests in any person with hair the loss which would be a complete blood count thyroid-stimulating hormone at ferritin and a vitamin D 25 hydroxy the latter to have to be normal for a normal hair cycle so

I always make sure that those four tests these results are I like to have those when I see the patient and then you simply have to take time to do a thorough history of taking a history on someone with hair loss or seeing a patient with hair loss

is different than a lot of the other problems we see in dermatology because here we need to take the time to take a thorough history and that is time-consuming which is why many of my colleagues don’t like to see hair loss patients

because they do take the time check six days you want them to have a period every month and no history of infertility know is they’re here citizen do they have galactorrhea do they seem to be realized and do they have a severe cystic

acne that isn’t responding all those six points would lead me to say yes I think we should check here testosterone your DHT or prolactin but if none of those six are present you don’t have to do any hormonal tests just check those

others for things that I said I check in everybody with hair loss but no then you wouldn’t if none of those six are present you do not have to do hormone test even if she has a very extensive androgenetic alopecia.

hair loss by dandruff  | Dandruff – Can it Cause Hair Loss?

Hair loss

you won’t be disappointed trust me this is actually a really popular question so hair growth from a dandruff irritated scalp can be weakened because the cuticle so the outer surface isn’t protecting the hair as much so it’s more

likely to get damaged and off so why would advise everyone with dandruff even it’s really really difficult I understand is not to itch if you each it’s gonna break more hairs there’s gonna be more hair falling yeah and you’re gonna get

really really worried so that’s my top tip and then also try and treat the dandruff irritated scalp I made a video on this a couple of months ago I think it’s had about four hundred five hundred thousand views I leave a link here for you

many people have found it helpful and so watch it follow my tips and hopefully, we’ll help Brandon Nano my doctor threw me out my blood pressure was too high for him said to come back when it’s lowered a hundred thanks for your

comment I hope your blood pressure situation is fixed now how high was it how was Italy this doctor said to leave did they do many tests did you maple pressure tested do a 24-hour test on you maybe it was high because of white

coat syndrome you know when a health care professional digital pressure sometimes it is rather elevated compared to when you do at home when  you’re more relaxed and more comfortable so you’ve kind of got two options to get a new

the doctor or go back to your doctor and say I’m not leaving a few things my blood pressure Lora Island great but what about talking to your nurse often it’s nurses in primary care starting metformin Laura thank you for your comment I actually

thought at this exact point you said once while ago and I thought to myself why didn’t I mention nurses more you know nurses are the backbone of front mind

of the DHT and actually more often than not for diabetes stuff you will see diabetes in their specialist they’re like the backbone of diabetes treatment in the UK nurses have various different helpful and needed roles and me truly

appreciate the work do they do I myself I work with many different nurses every day I work with plants nurse practitioners like Jo for instance in the birth control video I work with specialist nurses many different nurses and

that knowledge is so useful they’re always so helpful so if any nurses are watching thank you for all your hard work cockney John having to use two spreads to primary and hailer simply reduces the overall yield of the devices that

means you have to obtain or pay for another inhaler device after wasting some 20% of the actual medication within the cylinder ignore the advice in this video shake well make sure that the inhaler device is clean and clear and

ninjutsu iced coffee John thank you for your comment this is a really good comment actually and you’ve actually made me aware of something that I didn’t actually think called before so the fact is 90% of people don’t use their

inhalers why whether the technique is wrong or they’re not a crime when your inhaler if you’re not doing these things right you’re not going to get the right amount of medicine into your lungs and will give you worse off disease control

and you might actually have to visit hospital services or your doctors more often because your asthma is in control and so when you prime your inhaler the Chamber’s didn’t get filled properly so when you use it you’re gonna get the

the right amount of medicine into your lungs now here’s a bit to answer your question so you only actually need a

primary inhale the first time use it when it’s brand-new or if you haven’t used it for a while and what I mean by a while is it will say in your information leaflet how long the while is that you need to prime it again but here’s the

the secret bit that not a lot of people know about so when you get an inhaler it will say for instance it has 200 doses and it has a hundred dose it has 120 doses so that means it has 120 plus 200 plus insider but the manufacturers all add a

few extra puffs in there so you get that for free I guess and that is for priming it’s not actually on the counter thing so when you press it it will actually move for a few goes I don’t if you have a nervous is when you’re using a halo it will

say like 200 but you have to use a few times for it to go sort of one ninety-nine one nine eight and down down down so they are for priming so you’re not actually wasting anything and you’re not wasting your money technically

Amarnath BK blood pressure and diabetes are both based disease is created by corporates for their income I’m gonna thank you for your comment I myself I’m probably the rest of the healthcare community will disagree with you on

this you know it’s been proven high blood pressure damages blood vessels it increases your risk of heart attack strokes heart disease kidney disease and many more and even if you actually if you reduce your blood pressure to a

normal level there’s a 30% reduced chance of you getting a heart attack or a stroke and it’s a same with diabetes you know if you have uncontrolled diabetes you’re a higher risk of blindness you’re higher risk of kidney disease heart

attacks strokes and loads more and the evidence is there there’s years and years of evidence that show this that’s why we control the use of diseases

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Female Pattern Baldness | Hair Loss in Women


Hair loss




female pattern hair loss has also been called androgenetic alopecia male pattern baldness in women and diffuse alopecia female pattern hair loss is a common condition affecting up to 50 percent of women it presents as hair

thinning mainly on the crown but sometimes also affecting the parietal posterior vertex and by temporal areas, there is relative preservation of hair density on the occipital scalp the frontal hairline is usually preserved there is often

accentuation of the thinning in the midline just posterior to the frontal hairline the Christmas tree pattern rarely there is deep by temporal notching and frontal recession similar to male balding this pattern of thinning in a woman

suggests possible hyperandrogenism female pattern hair loss can occur any time after puberty however there are two peaks of onset in a woman’s 20s and her mid to late 40s female pattern hair loss can also occur in association with

hormonal changes such as postpartum and perimenopausal II in my experience the most common time of onset is the mid to late 40s often in association with other signs of impending menopause a patient with female pattern hair loss.

often complains of being able to see her scalp experiencing sunburn on the scalp for the first time or a decreased hair density particularly affecting the crown most patients perceive that their hair loss is occurring in a pattern with

sparing of the occipital region although some patients feel that the hair loss is diffuse.



Causes of Hair Loss in Women | Telogen Effluvium

 Most women here are more important than anything else on their body it’s an expression of their style and personality women are more sensitive than men and hence hair loss in women can be absolutely devastating for self-image and

emotional well-being so a loss isn’t just male problem women also lose hair the same way men do but the percentage of females affected by Baroness or hair loss or even hair thinning is lesser when compared to males it’s
only about 10% in the third decade of life but still it is significant because only 45% of women will maintain a full head of hair throughout their lifetime the pattern of hair loss in females is little different than male pattern baldness

before I list out the causes of hair thinning in women  the causes of hair loss in women remember losing some hair daily is absolutely normal so do not panic if you lose about 5,200 hair strands daily I have discussed in detail aboutall this stuff in my previous episodes you can check that from my playlist on the hair loss videos or from the description below the first cause is the genetic or androgenetic alopecia or the female pattern baldness is this is the

the most common type of hair loss even in women like the male pattern baldness so what is the mechanism of action it’s pretty much similar to that of male pattern alopecia that is the culprit is DHT the dihydroxy testosterone which is

produced from testosterone normally even females have a small amount of testosterone in the blood the problem starts when this is converted to DHT in your body and again in genetically predisposed females and depending on

the sensitivity of hair follicles to DHT the damage begins that is the miniatures Asian of hair follicles this can even be more elevating in disorders of hormonal imbalances like the PCOS that is a polycystic ovarian syndrome where it is

even more testosterone available for conversion to DHT which then speeds up hair loss then second causes thyroid disorders both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism can cause hair loss or even hair thinning this is easy to

diagnose water from the unique signs and symptoms of thyroid disease and get a  simple blood test to check the levels of thyroid hormones then the third cause is PCOS or  PCOD  that is polycystic ovarian syndrome also known as

polycystic ovarian disease there is another common cause of hair loss in women this is very easy to diagnose with classical signs and symptoms like very sooty Sumner is meaning abnormal facial hair growth in women also they

have acne or pimples and irregular or delayed periods a simple pelvic ultrasound and hormone tests like serum FSH LS testosterone and estrogen levels may help in diagnosing this condition and then you can start early treatment

then the fourth causes pregnancy and childbirth this is another hormonal cause for hair loss or hair thinning but most of these hormonal imbalances are generally reversible on treatment then the fifth cause is oral contraceptive pills

these can also trigger hair loss due to hormonal imbalances then other medications like blood thinners and medications that treat high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis, and depression can all lead to some amount of hair

loss in women then the seventh causes dieting or crash diets this is becoming another common reason for hair loss in women caused by nutritional deficiencies the deficiencies can be from one or more elements like protein deficiency

and also vitamin deficiencies like the ad and b12 deficiency or even iron deficiency but again this type of hair loss can be easily reversed with nutritional foods that promote hair growth there are number eight traction alopecia this

again very common due to  traction or pulling off hair from bad hairstyling like tide braiding or even tight ponytails or even from other bad hairstyling options than on number nine therapy for cancer treatments is another important

cause but do not worry this again not a permanent form of hair loss then on number 10 stress this is actually an important factor often ignored not only emotional stress but also stress from trauma or illness or surgery and stuff

like that can cause hair loss but again this is temporary and reversible last but not the least alopecia areata or the patchy hair loss is not uncommon in women as discussed in my earlier episode is an autoimmune condition where

the hair follicles are damaged by the body’s own immune response then what is telogen effluvium most of the causes I already discussed except the androgenetic alopecia and alopecia areata the hair loss is temporary and reversible

and all these factors may cost erosion effluvium this is a form of temporary hair loss where

the anagen phase of hair growth cycle slows down meaning that fewer hair enters into the next two stages but hair grows back in within three to six months after the cause has been dealt with you.

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Hair Loss in Men | 7 Causes of Hair 

Loss in Men

Hair loss


Seven causes of hair loss in men after reading this article  over 70% of men face hair loss at some stage in their life the

question is why hair loss is so common and that to amend particularly good women also suffer from some degree of hair loss but they are lucky that baldness is not the word for them instead they suffer from hair loss evenly spread over

their entire scalp let us have a look at the reasons why all men have to face balding one hair loss due to balding gene genetics is by far the most important cause of hair thinning especially in men most men have a balding

gene in their DNA that determines when and how they will lose hair actually among all men experiencing hair fall more than 70%percent faces the problem because of their good genes if you see a lot of bald heads in your

family chances are high that you will also end up hairless in your old age but heredity hair loss does not wait for you to turn 50 it starts catching up individual latest by mid-30s and as early as in their late teen’s genetic baldness is

medically termed as androgenic alopecia now a million-dollar question is how it is determined that the hair loss in a specific person is heredity in most cases a doctor can easily distinguish genetic hair loss from others by simply looking

at the hair pattern, it follows a specific pattern that’s why it is commonly known as male pattern baldness women also exhibit genetic hair loss and that too in a specific pattern but they have a slightly different pattern known as female

pattern baldness there is a Norwood classification scale to measure the pattern baldness in males and females to uniform hair loss some men and many women experience a uniform hair-thinning across all areas of the head itis

usually difficult to detect compared to the male and female pattern baldness normal hair growth cycle is divided into three stages anagen the growth stage that lasts around three years and the hair grows at an average rate of half an

inch per month catagen the second stage in which hair prepares to go into the resting phase during this stage a hair strand undergoes chemical changes and falls out telogen the rest in the phase of the hair it disappears for two to five

months about10% of your hairs are intelligent phaseout any given time this is the reason shutting up to a hundred hairs daily is considered quite normal but in people suffering from uniform hair loss more than normal hairs start

undergoing resting phase 3 hormonal hair loss a hormone called Daedra testosterone is the main culprit of baldness in men this is a derivative of androgenic male hormones in men suffering from hormonal hair loss a certain quantity of

male reproductive hormone testosterone starts converting into DHT through a chemical process there are certain medicines that inhibit this conversion of testosterone into Dedrick testosterone although these medicines show good

results in preventing hormonal hair loss and restoring hair density there is no permanent cure and the symptoms start coming back as soon as you stop taking the medicine the only way to permanently restore a thicker head is

through hair-transplant surgery for diet nutritional deficiency sometimes nutritional deficiency may also cause hair thinning your body needs several nutrients like protein iron vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids for the healthy growth of

hairs certain minerals also play their role in keeping your hair is healthy and strong the important minerals include iron selenium silica zinc copper and iodine lacking any nutrient or mineral can have adverse effects on your hair

health and severe deficiency may trigger hair fall as well to reverse nutritional hair fall start consuming a balanced diet making sure you take a sufficient amount of the above-mentioned nutrients and minerals if you think diet alone may not

help you meet the deficiencies you can always take supplements 5 stress is bad for not only for your overall health but also for your skin and hair men who undergone some physical or emotional trauma show hair lost signs of

several months after the incident so if you are losing your locks without any apparent reason look back at your life if you have undergone a traumatic experienced over the last few months or not, fortunately, the hair thinning caused

by stress and anxiety is mostly reversible and as soon as the sufferer manages stress most of the lost hairs start growing back six smoking can also contribute towards accelerating hair thinning the chemicals in the smoke of

cigarette hamper the production of the protein that makes the hair seven environment and pollution environmental pollution can also trigger and accelerate hair thinning listed below are some environmental pollutants that

contribute to hair fall selenium is a common pollutant in our food if present in higher quantities it can trigger hair loss lead mercury cadmium aluminum iron and copper some of these minerals are essential for healthy hairs but

only ina small quantity excess of any of these minerals can have certain negative effects on your physical health including hair loss


Telogen effluvium | Course of Sudden Hair Loss Telogen Effluvium


the natural history of telogen effluvium acute telogen effluvium has an abrupt onset the active shedding lasts one to four months and can lead to sinning of the hair over the entire scalp the by temporal areas may be most

obviously sinned once the daily shedding returns to normal it may take several months for the scalp hair to regain its normal density the patient’s hair goes back to normal within one year of the onset of telogen effluvium in 95% of

people aspecific trigger can be found in approximately 75% of patients with acute telogen effluvium chronic telogen effluvium is defined as increased shedding lasting at least six months but usually greater than one year chronic

telogen effluvium can last for many years with fluctuating severity its onset may be abrupt or gradual a definite trigger is often not identified in patients with chronic telogen effluvium usually affects middle-aged

women many of whom give a history of extremely sick hair prior to the onset of their problem women with chronic telogen effluvium may have normal-appearing hair albeit thinner than the patient’s normal hair or may show short

frontal hairs or by temporal thinning women with chronic telogen effluvium often state that they have lost half or one-third of their hair a woman with chronic telogen effluvium may also complain that she is unable to grow her hair as

long as she could in the past unlike in female pattern hair loss the occipital and crown part widths are approximately the same in patients with both acute and chronic telogen effluvium.


is it possible for hair regrowth (Is It Actually Possible to Regrow Hair?)


yes it is possible for lost hair to grow back as we are born the hair follicles which little sacs place in our scalp and produced only when we are babies so we don’t get any new follicles but those existing ones a underwent

changes especially due to testosterone once the stas run is binds to the hair follicle and it happens in both in men and women hair follicles slowly gets smaller and the smaller follicles we get the tiny hair they can produce and after several

years of this damage there is no more follicles being able to produce hair grow so if we try to help that patient it’s crucially important them to visit us as soon as possible and hair a loss or let’s say early signs of alopecia can be

noticeable by specialists those who have been properly trained and who have a lot of experience so when this patient is recognized we would advise patients to start using medicines and the sooner they start the better results they get no

when we started treating patients we usually tell them that we can achieve regrowth or from those existing follicles which are already small but still able to produce new hair fibers but if you have a patient who has lost all of his hair or

her hair and this is lasting for years or decades then probably this is very unlikely.

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How to stop the hair fall naturally? (how to stop hair fall at home remedies)


Hair loss



now for many guys your hair is kind of like your coat of confidence once that starts fading so does your confidence and your self-image and the reality is that this is super common but it’s never talked about I think it’s I think the last

the statistic I read was something like around 60% of men between their 20s and30s already start experiencing some sort of hair loss or male pattern baldness the good news is that a lot of forms of hair loss are actually treatable

or preventable today I’m going to show you the top 5 things you can do to naturally prevent and stop your hair loss because even if you haven’t started noticing your loss you can start now to prevent it down the road the first thing

super important it’s your diet is what fuels your body to run at its optimum level so one ingredient you’re going to definitely want to be in taking is the protein, in particular, is super important it’s one of the most

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get first dibs on anything all right now back to the regular video so make sure you’re getting the protein that your body needs to properly function you can get this through your meats your eggs your milk your fish for tagging along with

that you also want to make sure your body has the vitamins it needs daily thats why your cliche fruits and vegetables are so important this is what your body needs to function and its best however one particular vitamin which is vitamin

b7 also known as biotin has been shown to help with healthy strong hair and the growth of your nails now you can find this vitamin Naturathrough your food or more easily ingest it through a multivitamin like this one from him so the

the second thing you’re gonna want to do to fight your hair loss is to actually read out the problem in case you didn’t know several things can lead to hair loss it’s not just one whether it be genetics it could be a health problem or it could just

pretension and stress one of the most common reasons for hair loss other than genetics is usually tension and stress if it’s something like that simple you want to start doing something to relieve your stress such as exercise this is great

way to relieve the stress and clear your mind on top of that the sweating also helps out with clearing out and unclogged in your hair pores and exercising will make you stronger and healthier overall which again leads tomy point number

one leads to a better-functioning body which can help to prevent any hair loss the third natural thing you want to do is to just be kind it here don’t mistreat it your hair is actually pretty delicate and on average most guys on a daily basis

are doing things that could be pulling your hair and damaging it so a couple of things you’re gonna want to avoid like for example coming out of the shower and using a comb and excessively tugging your hair to try not to tangle it

instead, use a wide-tooth comb or a brush to gently untangle your hair another common thing using excessive heat every single day this is gonna dry and completely kill your hair and it’s gonna start falling out and finally number

three avoid repetitively using harsh chemicals like straightening your hair or using hair dyes doing it once in a while sure that’s cool but doing it repeatedly you’re just chemically burning your hair just as bad as the second thing and

it can lead to hair loss more thing you’re gonna want to do is to stimulate your hair fall take any natural oil that good for your hair whether it be olive oil or coconut oil pour it in your scalp and then gently massage it in for a couple of

minutes a scalp massage stimulates circulation and promotes hair growth not to mention that the oils themselves are good for your hair after you’re done massaging just leave it on for about an hour after that just wash it out with

shampoo this will immediately hydrate your hair and trust me after you’re just doing this one time you’re gonna notice how much smoother softer and healthier your hair is gonna feel and look suggestion is for it at least once a week and

finally, the fifth and last thing you’re gonna want to do to prevent or stop hair loss it’s the style your hair right kind of like I was talking about previously you know you want to avoid any hard pulling or anything that goes against the grain

and pulls your hair too much this can lead to receding hairline hairstyles like this can be including using a slicked-back all the time like a really tights licked back cornrow braids using ponytail you want to make sure your

hair flows naturally you don’t want to be pulling it away from your hairline because doing this constantly repeatedly over years is gonna make your hairline starts receding and cause some hair loss and that’s basically it

Foods for growth of hair | Top 5 Foods that Prevent Hair Loss – (Best Diet For Hair Loss In Men & Women)


 hello this is Daniel from n hair-loss and in this short video I will talk about that top five foods for healthy hair the best nutritional sources that will help you stop hair loss fast the cells that support strong healthy hair depend on a

balanced diet just like every other organ and parts of your body if you follow a bad diet you may not notice the negative effects on your hair immediately it can take longer to notice positive or negative changes in just one week

with a bad diet, this can yield acne flare-up in just a few days you can notice a sallow skin but it can take up to one month of nutritional deficiency and junk food for the effects to really show up on your hair the nutrients you eat today

help make the hair follicle vibrant and strong yes naturally there are other factors connected with your hair’s health and there’s more to it than what you eat if you smoke too much or if you have sleeping problems and maybe

hormonal imbalances well your hair will still be in trouble if the micro blood circulation of your hair follicle decreases well you can’t really help your hair unless you create the necessary vasodilation of the capillaries that allow the blood

to reach the roots and follicles by the way you can easily reactivate the blood flow to the scalp with the use of our natural stop hair loss program see the link for the for free intro videos below still if you eat a balanced varied protein

the rich diet based on the following foods you’ll give your hair the exact nutrition it needs so here are the top 5 foods for strong hair 1 blueberries exotic fruit may come and go but when it comes to vitamin C it’s hard to top

this nutritional element vitamin C is critical for blood circulation to the scalp and supports the small blood vessels that feed the follicles to little C in your diet can eventually cause hair breakage super Alternativ strawberries Kiwis and

tomatoes -spinach contains folate beta-carotene iron and lots of vitamin C These elements contribute to keep the hair follicles healthy and promote blood circulation super Alternatives similar nutrient-rich dark leafy

vegetable swiss chard kale and broccoli 3 lentils are full of protein iron zinc and buy it this makes them a great nutritional element for both meat-eaters and vegetarians super alternatives other beans such as kidney and soy

beans for salmon the flesh of this pink and super-tasty fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids vitamin D and proteins these are all key elements to strong hair our body can’t make these fatty acids which are needed to grow hair a small

percentage of the hair shaft is made up of these fatty acids which are also situated in cell membranes in the skin of your scalp introducing salmon into your diet can help integrate these vanilla case as into your body helping your hair to

grow stronger super alternatives if this fish is not your favorite you can also get essential fatty acids from other fishes like mackerel sardines and drought other good sources are avocado pumpkin seeds and walnuts see

below number five walnuts are the only type of nut that has a good amount of omega-3 fatty acids they’re also rich in vitamin E and biotin which helps protect your cells from DNA damage biotin is very important for your

hair and too little of it can lead to hair thinning these nuts contained a mineral copper which helps maintain our natural hair color rich and shining super alternatives you can use walnut oil in your favorite salad I recommend you

to join the full program to stop hair loss as I said see the intro videos visiting our homepage and subscribing with the use of our program the nutritive elements that you take from these superfoods will be able to reach your hair

follicles remember even if your diet is the best ever if the blood flow to your hair roots has stopped your hair will continue falling off reactivate the blood flow to the scalp.

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DHT blocking foods | Stop Hair Loss by Eating These 10 DHT Blocking Foods


male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia is one of the most common reasons for hair loss in men this type of baldness is less common in women but still, there is a large portion of women who get affected by

dihydrotestosterone DHT is the hormone which is responsible for the development of male sex characteristics but it is also responsible for hair loss in men and some women hair grows from a tiny structure called hair follicle which is

tiny capsule underneath your skin a high level of DHT in your blood binds to these hair follicles and shrinks them and shortens the growth cycle of hair resulting in premature hair fall in baldness this phenomenon is greatly affected by

your genetic constitution if you have a history of baldness in your family you are more likely to suffer from it there are many DHT blocking medications present in the market but they come with their downside-effects if you don’t want to

go for the medication then we have 10 natural DHT blocking foods by eating which you can try to prevent the hair fall number1 almond contains a powerful natural DTH inhibitor called as l-lysine they also contain

polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids that are required for healthy and strong hair strands almonds have plenty of protein which greatly affects hair growth number2 banana bananas are an excellent natural source of biotin

which has potent DHT blocking effects it also contains potassium which improves the circulation and helps in proper vascularization of the scale number 3 egg yolk egg yolks are another good source of biotin which is responsible for

blocking DHT overproduction egg yolks have a good amount of protein and fatty acids which are required for good hair growth sulfur which is naturally present in egg yolk can help you grow long locks number 4cashew cashew has good

amount of zinc which blocks the conversion of DHT from testosterone cashews also contain other hair-boosting minerals like copper phosphorus manganese and zinc number 5carrots carrots have lycopene which inhibits the

conversion of DHT from testosterone by blocking its chemical pathways it also has vitamin A which is good for skin and hair number six kale contains a compound called isothiocyanates which has the capacity to block the production of

DHT in your body it also contains flavonoids that reduce hair follicle inflammation and protect from baldness number seven pumpkin seeds contain a steroid called delta seven styrenes this steroid is a potent DHT

a blocker that prevents the build-up of DHT at the hair follicle number eight peanuts are good sources of L lysine and biotin which are potent DHT blocker they also contain a good amount of protein and healthy fats which are helpful

in hair growth, number nine pecans are a good source of L lysine which is natural DHT blocker pecans have a good amount of gamma-tocopherol which is a source of vitamin E all these constituents reduce hair follicles

inflammation and improves the scalp health number ten boy star oyster is a good source of zinc which makes them a good DHT blocking food they also contain potassium and magnesium which improves the blood supply of the scalp

and promotes hair health include these foods in your diet to block DHT naturally and prevent baldness.


Foods for growth of hair | 12 Healthy hair foods

Hair loss



I’m gonna give you 12 of the best foods that promote hair growth so let’s get right into the video I have a dream that’s all I need I’ll make it happen I


can’t believe alright so what determines the speed of your hair growth well your age health genetics and diet now although you cannot change the certain factors like your age and your genetics you can change your diet so let’s look at

the best food that helps your hair to grow first up is berries now berries are loaded with antioxidants and vitamins that can promote hair growth for example strawberries are rich in vitamin C which aids collagen production andiron

absorption two factors that may promote hair grown leafy greens like spinach now spinach is probably one of the best vegetables that you can eat spinach is packed with folate iron and vitamin A and C which promotes your hair girl entails

now the massive iron-rich protein in lentils are great for cell growth and that includes your hair follicles now the vitamin B in lentils help your body to make new cells and it also strengthens your hair fatty fish like salmon are a great

source for omega-3fatty acids which improves hair growth and density seeds like flax seeds just like nuts seeds are rich in vitamin E and other nutrients that can promote hair growth. now hair follicles are mostly made up of protein

and if you don’t get enough you might actually have hair loss problems eggs are amazing because they are a great source of protein and also biotin which helps your hair to grow fasters sweet peppers for vitamin A and C helps your

hair to stay healthy and help hair growth boisterous now oil stirs are one of the best sources of zinc and it helped support hair growth and your hair repair cycle not like almonds and walnuts nuts are packed with nutrients

like vitamin E, B vitamins zinc and essential fatty acids all of which promote hair growth wholegrain eat a more whole grains for natural biotin avocados with healthy fat and vitamin E that promotes hair growth the sweet potato is not

sweet potatoes are packed with vitamin A which helps seven productions alright now if you need some extra supplements that will help your hair to grow faster or just helps you not to lose your hair.

Are you excited?

If yes then let me guide you first.




today I’m going to be telling you 15 things that you unknowingly do to your hair sometimes that can cause damage or breaking or ruin your hair so let’s get started okay number one this includes your shampoo and your

hair washing game using too much shampoo or shampooing your hair all over and washing your hair frequently can actually strip off the natural oils of your hair and can make your hair dry and verify school to use a shampoo

just on your scalp and not really all over your hair and it is actually great to do especially if your hair is dry or get over to do not use conditioner on your scalp because what it does sometimes it makes your scalp oily and also it can weigh

down your hair especially if you have very fine hair and also sometimes this can be the reason why your hairs falling out because you are using conditioner on your scalp and also code you have been messaging me last time that

whenever you use conditioner all over your hair or on your scalp you also noticed be careful so if you have any sensitivity to conditioner – well avoid putting conditioner on your scalp number-three do not comb or brush your

hair, when it’s wet because when our hair is wet our hair is very fragile so when you comb or brush it sometimes the strands can snap in doing so, as a result, you can get split ends or breakage number four when you dry your hair, do not

rub the towel against your hair just like this just because that’s for friction and sometimes that also can cause frizz so instead cook your hair inside the towel and then just squeeze out the water to dry it number five when brushing your

hair or when you can wing your hair don’t start from the top instead start from the bottom and work your way up just as I do don’t end up ripping your hair or experience a lot of breakage that can lead to more split ends if you do that and

number six is using a lot of hair products all are once on your hair every day and what I mean by that is either you’re using too much gel or hair mousse or haricot hair cream or hair wax the list goes on and on and I’m not saying that you

can’t use this on your hair anymore it’s just that when you use this product uses sparingly but don’t overdo it because too much of everything is always not good number seven if you have extremely oily hair dry shampoo can be very

beneficial for your hair to use especially on this non-washing hair date but however you think too much of this on your scalp and hair can actually cause sometimes in product build-up and product buildup actually hinders your hair to

grow sometimes if you don’t get the right brand or a good friend dry shampoo it can actually look like dandruff on your hair once it dries up number eight using too much hairspray on your hair and letting the hair spray stay very low on

your hair can actually damage your hair just because of course when you spray this all over your hair you would actually notice that your hair gets stiff so sometimes when you comb it or when you brush it can break you are to

especially if you’re injured right and that can also cause to it and if you use too much of a hair spray on your hair number nine is blow-drying your hair without using any heat protectant some people think that just because

it’s ablow-dryer it’s not really going to harm your hair just like a flatiron or a curling iron we do but the truth is you’re still applying heat on your hair so if you’re ever going to use blow-dryer you can either use it in the cool setting or if

you really need the heat you can use a heat protectant before using it number 10 using heat on your hair every day and I think you all know what I mean so lessen it number eleven not cleaning all your brushes now it is very important to

clean your brushes or your combs because you don’t want any germs dirt or oils to go back on your hair after you wash it because it can either irritate your scalp or clog your pores if you don’t wash them from time to time number twelve

is brushing your hair too much some of you probably heard about the 100 brushing hair myth and actually that myth does more harm than making your hair shiny because over-brushing your hair can sometimes break your ends

especially if you have very fine hair number 13 issuing elastic bands on your hair now sometimes I’m guilty of this but this is not healthy to use on your hair because it can create knots on your hair when you remove it that can also cause

some unnecessary breakage so instead you can use this miniature hair scrunchie because this is safer to use on your hair number fourteen avoiding trims now it is said to get trims every four to six weeks but it totally depends on

you but however if you don’t trim your hair ever it can absolutely hinder your hair growth because if you have split ends it can travel up the strand and when you finally decide to cut it you’ll end up cutting more than you should and

lastly, number 16 is wearing tight high ponytails as much as I like wearing these hairstyles I tend to avoid it most of the time just because it can pull up your scalp and hurt your roots that’s why if you notice at the end of the day your scalp

Side Effects of Hair Transplant (What are the side effects of hair transplant surgery? )


 Dr. Kincaid Sapele, I’m a dermatologist and a specialist hair transplant surgeon and co-founder net magnets so we often get a query that what are the possible side-effects of the hair transplants well we can

divide side effects into two parts side effects because of the surgical procedure and side effects because of the surgeon which of course can be avoided if we talk about the side effects because of the surgical decision and us

know whenever there is a surgical procedure there is some amount of discomfort when surgery is done and after the procedure, some discomfort might fail is there which is manageable in newer technology is the latest technology which

are perfect I mean FUE the pain part in this comfort part is very less if we compare this with traditional scrap metal because that involves cut edge stitching so when somebody undergoes a hair transplant by FUE or perfect

eye technique the pain and discomfort is minimal most of the patients this heat during the procedure is so comfortable because once we give anesthesia there’s no plane and in our practice, because we use very fine

equipment the punch size the drill machine the firstEPSthey’re so fine mostly customized that any kind of tissue damage or collateral damage is minimal that’s why more than90% patients do not require even one tablet of the

painkiller after the surgery so in a nutshell side effects of the hair transplant is minimal also if we talk about side effects due to the implantation there is no reaction there is no this is not a conventional transplant like a

kidney transplant or the liver transplant where somebody has to be a very extra question because transplant, Athena, in hair-transplant that would belong to your own body so the body takes them up there is no rejection there is no reaction

so because of the transplant process, there is no cycle because the tissue belongs to you then there are side effects because of the surgeon so what surgeon is very precise whenever he operates he takes care of the blood loss he takes

care of Meneses here however if the transplant is done by untrained professional a doctor who isn’t certified to do a hair transplant ora doctor who is not a dermatologist fora plastic surgeon he might give side-effects and some of the side

effects might be so most of the complications that side-effects in the hair transplant that caused by poor and Hospital techniques who are operating of techniques like loss sometimes there’s a lot of facial damage sometimes there

is collaboration theory there’s the injury of the nerves and because of people have a lot of pain or blood loss they might feel that there is some weakness and if there is a complication because of the world the wrong galaxy is a technique there are

cases which I mean they require admission and ICU and fabrication of diet as well so it is very important to understand that hair transplant is though it’s a very comfortable surgery this has to be done by a professional

and a certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon too because these two specialties are thought about the hair transplant and they know how to avoid contracting to this there are centers where qualified staff technicians and

doctors were the doctor will be not will completely different fields they operate in the patient and so there’s no problem with the technique there’s no problem with the car the driver should be paid the vehicle and is very safe

procedure if performed by professionals and very comfortable and doesn’t have they decided in Cyprus a very minimal give me to talk about overall side effects and another of comfort thank you

PRP treatment cost | PRP treatment for hair (Will PRP Treatment Help you Regrow Hair? Types, and Effectiveness!)


hey what’s going on you guys math here and in this video I’m gonna talk about whether PRP is gonna work for you or not and how to find it out we are gonna also take a look at the prices of PRPworldwide and why they’re so different and

at the end I’m gonna share with you how to choose the best PRP for you should you go with the normal PRP PRP at a Cell or PRP and stem cell coming up hey guys my name is Matt and I have done a hair transplant about two and a

half years ago and since then I’m helping out guys with hair loss get their hair back and have them find out the best quality hair transplant five things I wish I’d known before my hair transplant you can download it in the description

below where you can also apply for a free call with me and my team where we are going to take a look at your hair loss as itis right now and help you get your hair back now before I go more deeply into PRP let me give you a short

introduction what PRP actually is step number one your blood will be drawn step number two your blood will be put into a centrifuge which spins several thousand times per minute step number three after about 10minutes in the

centrifuge your blood will be separated into three layers red blood cells white blood cells and blood plasma the blood plasma will be then injected into your scalp where your hair is thinning now let me explain why is that that PRP prices

differ so much worldwide the reason number one is a geographical location the second factor which influences the price is going to be the use of local anesthesia some doctors in u.s. like to use the local anesthesia before the actual

PRP injections just to numb down the areas where the PRP is going to be injected but with more comfort comes also higher price the third reason why the price of PRP may be much more expensive using a cell and PRP together can

push the price of one session up to two thousand or two thousand and five hundred dollars a cell is a proprietary regenerative medical product rich with naturally occurring collagen and proteins which improve wound

healing the chemical structure is similar to human tissues and is available only through a licensed physician and surgeon Excel is currently used as a stem cell therapy and has been used extensively for management of wounds

wound trauma and muscle regeneration in the field of hair restoration a cell currently lacks any medical literature or science proving its efficacy anecdotal evidence of its success although does exists as it has been used as standalone

treatment for hair loss or stripped scar repair it also can be combined with PRP to stimulate hair growth or hair remodeling and repair here are some tips I want to give you what I would do if I was about to try PRP how I would do

it as inexpensively as possible in order for PRP to work best you should get at least three to six sessions which means one session per month let’s take a look at a study of 30 patients from 2015 who did get exactly three PRP treatments

over the course of three months here, we can see preoperative hair count of 67.5hairs per square centimeter and post-operative hair count of one hundred and twenty-eight point five hairs per square centimeter in about three and a half

months we could have already seen improvements in hair count and hair density in about 30 percent on average with a mean increase of thirty-three point six hairs per square centimeter after 16monthssome of the patients noticed

increased hair loss again and were treated with one more PRP injection I have also done PRP once and I’m about to get it five more times so I’m gonna do the six-month plan for PRP you have to also understand that this a cell and stem

cell mixture with PRP it’s quite a good marketing tool to attract clients to the doctor’s office it may not be worth the higher price so stick to the classical PRP so you will find out how your body is responding to its own blood plasma

being injected into your scalp and if this works for you well you may as well add this a cell to it next time so the results are going to be even better-this improved version of PRP can cost you from 2,000 or even up to $5,000 depends on the

size of the area which is treated this can be a long-term solution for you how to maintain hair loss if you have like no hair on some spots anymore PRPor a cell and any stem cell PRP will not work for you only hair which is miniaturized

on the scalp, this has a higher probability to respond to PRP that was it other.

Hair transplant FAQ: 10 common questions about hair loss

hi, this is dr. Eddie a hair transplant surgeon at the private clinic of Hollyseed today we’ll be answering some popular questions about FUE hair transplant surgery now one of the questions that we do get asked a

lot is how does one prepare oneself for a hair transplant surgery one of the popular questions we do get asked this does one necessarily need to shave for a hair transplant surgery the answer is yes and no it does depend entirely on

the situation we can’t be is completely competent to do a hair transplant surgery completely unshaven the limitation is numbering with access to thread donor area we can extract a lot more hair than timeframe and transfer a lot more in

the given time frame with unshaven FUE the key thing the client should understand is that numbers can be an issue but given the fact that it is infinitely harder to extract and infinitely harder to replace the grafts the process is a

a lot slower than one can expect we also request clients to follow a few instructions that will have a direct impact on the outcome of the surgery now one of the key things we focus on is limiting bleeding during the procedure and one of the

key compliments we get is that none of our clients experience swelling post-op that primarily because we emphasize that our clients follow a list of pre-op instructions which can have an impact on the bleeding on the day of the

procedure one of the key things we’d like for the client to exercise is to try and limit the use of minoxidil so popular practice is to try and avoid using minoxidil five days before surgery secondly we advise our clients to try and stop having coffee

about three to four days before the procedure try not to watch spicy food things with capsaicin like onions and chilies of maybe two to three days before the procedure and also try and avoid multivitamins about 48hours before the

the procedure now if one does follow these instructions on the day of these that’s hardly any bleeding and one can make a little swelling post-another popular question we receive about hair transplants is what is the recovery time the

the beauty of FUE hair transplant surgeries none of our clients experience any post-op pain there might be a bit of discomfort err on the forehead with the fluid but post-op pain is something whenever hear of or we hardly hear

about post-op discomfort and pain few things one need to want to factor him into the lifestyle is, of course, there have been thousands of incisions that have happened so there is bound to be a bit of redness post-op and again depends

on how well the client heals up and how sensitive they are to sunlight and sometimes even clients with the highly histamine Nick reaction the redness can last somewhere between 7 to10 days so this is something we’d

like our clients to prepare oneself for you one can wear a cap forty-eight hours after the procedure and one can fly 24hours after the procedure so usually consensus is a client get the procedure done they fly away for a week or

ten days and come back and by 10 to 14 days because of the way the procedure is done and because of the way we anger their hair Andy and the attention to detail that goes into the procedure by 14 days most of the clients say that none

of the peers have noticed that they’ve had a hair transplant and now one thing that comes into the equation here is whether if it’s a shaven FUE or au FUE with you a fury, of course, the upside is that a week or two later and no sign of any

the procedure being done of course when clients either decide to shave the back and side all the Lord usually we ask the clients to prepare before the surgery either by experimenting with a short haircut at the backhand side or usually

to just come clean and acknowledge it appears that possibly they’re having a procedure done before and

probably that makes it a lot easier once you go back the last popular question that we get asked is what can one expect after a hair transplant surgery now when we extract the hair follicles they are indifference of growth so we by looking

at a hair-follicle, there’s no way one can assess what cycle of growth they have follicles in now this can impact on the outcomes so the consensus is for about a week to two weeks after the procedure one can expect a bit of background redness anywhere between two to four weeks most clients come back ecstatic with the outcomes to have fantastic hair lines fantastic density but from the fourth week onwards the shedding starts now this is supposedly one of the effects of the having in different cycles of growth so so usually we prepare our clients for the shedding phase whereby anywhere from the fourth week to twelfth week onwards one can experience anywhere between 30% of the graft that

had to be shed to up to 70% of the graph to be shed so a rule of thumb is a three-month stage one can expect 30% of the hair at six months one can expect 60% of the hate or the doctor grafted hair by

nine months most of our clients come back and say they see at least 80 to 90% of the graph.



If you have read all the steps, then you already knew almost everything about hair fall problems and treatments. and all other things of hair related. These things are very important to you. You should know about these things. It’s very important for you.

After knowing these things, you will be able to get the right treatment of your hair problems now, I am so confident. Thank you so much for reading this article. please share this article.

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