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Everything About Me & Who am I?


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Hi, I am Ijaj Seikh founder & CEO of Mrijajguide and I am Indian. I was born in Nagaon. My current permanent location is Nagaon which is the city of Assam, India.

I belong to a middle-class family. But our family’s financial condition was not good. That is why I had to drop my study because I don’t have any choice and now I am working in a clothing shop (9-5 job) to maintain our financial condition.


From this job, I get just 8000 at the end of the month. This small amount is not enough to full fill the requirements of my family but still, I am trying to fulfill it. If you talk about how far I have studied, then I am B. A passed or graduated from Anandaram Dhekial Phukan College.


If you talk about how old I am, I am 22 years old and single. I was born in the year 2000.


If you talk about what are my hobbies or what do I get more pleasure from doing? Then I have a couple of hobbies like reading books and singing. I really love singing and reading books. Every day I spent several hours reading books.


I feel like I am a good singer but my friends told me that “you are a bathroom singer” but at the end of the day my friends appreciate my passion. Also, I have believed that I am a good reader.


If you talk about whether I am an extrovert, an ambivert, or an introvert? then according to my nature, I come in the ambivert category. If you talk about my friend circle, then I do not have many friends, but whoever they are, all are my most special and best friends.

Sometimes I love to be alone at home and sometimes I love to go for a walk with my friends. Also, I love traveling and I love to explore unknown things. That’s why I always go on a trip at the end of every year.

I am an emotional fool person. I am extremely sensitive. I don’t know why but I always feel happy by helping others.



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How do I become a Hair Loss specialist? or How do I become the founder & CEO of mrijajguide?


Back in 2016, when I was just 16 years old I faced hair loss due to stress and anxiety. At that time I was feeling very scared because I start losing more than 300 hairs/day.


At that time my family members suggested me many remedies to treat it and I tried them all but not work for me.

Then I feel like youtube can help me to treat it and I started watching videos on youtube trust me I watched many many videos on youtube and I applied these remedies to my hair which is suggested by many popular YouTubers but nothing works for me.


I was very depressed at that time, I understood that all are fake and misleading and only scientific case studies and research papers from trusted sources can help me to treat my hair fall properly.


Then I started reading recently published case studies and research papers from trusted sources and I was applying them to my hair properly, believe me, my hair fall problem was cured just within 1 month.


After this incident, I understand how you feel when you face hair loss problems. For helping everyone like you who has hair loss problems I start reading books, scientific case studies, and educational research papers from trusted sources.


I started collecting best-selling books from different trusted sources like BOOKAUTHORITY.ORG, Amazon kindle books, and so on, and I started reading them in 2017 (October 13) to gain knowledge about hair loss problems and treatments.


Also, I start reading scientific case studies, and educational research papers from several trusted sources like Researchgate.net, Scholar.google.co.in, pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov, Longdom.org, Health.harvard.edu, Ncbi.nlm.nih.gov, Jcdr.net, Cuimc.columbia.edu, ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/, Aafp.org, Frontiersin.org, Aad.org.

I started spending several hours every day reading books and scientific case studies, and educational research papers from different trusted sources to gain knowledge about hair fall problems and treatments.


On 13 October 2019, I created the Mrijajguide website to share my all learnings, knowledge experience, and research about hair loss causes and treatments with the world.

Now, I have been working for 7 plus years as a hair loss specialist and haircare advisor.

Actually, I feel very happy to help everyone like you with my 7 years of knowledge experience, and research.

Also, I am really passionate about sharing my all learnings, knowledge, experience, and research on hair loss causes and treatments, and hair care tips with you(my readers).

My mission and goal are to aid in the search for a hair loss cure. This Website can help further progress by enabling the free flow of information.

I can help your hair regrowth, and most importantly, I can help you to find the best treatments for your hair fall problems.”

I am not limited to teaching people about hair fall causes and treatments using my blog but I do love to share practical tips through my Youtube channel(Mrijajguide) and Podcast channel (Mrijajguide).


Yes, it’s true that I own a Youtube channel with the name Mrijajguide, and also I own a Podcast channel with the name Mrijajguide, a dedicated place to explore possible hair fall causes and treatments, hair care, and hair growth tips.


If you accidentally faced hair fall then don’t panic I am always here for you to help you to treat it. If you haven’t joined us, this is the right time to join us. You can subscribe to my Youtube channel and follow my Podcast channel for future updates.


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What you will learn in Mrijajguide?


The Mrijajguide Blog provides You with brief information about hair loss causes and treatments, Haircare, and hair growth tips.

At MRIJAJGUIDE, you are my top priority. My Editorial Process ensures that I can provide you with the most accurate, relevant, and accessible content possible

I create and edit every piece of content based on the 4 pillars of my editorial process. These pillars — (1) earning and maintaining trust; (2) keeping high journalistic standards; (3) prioritizing accuracy, empathy, and inclusion; and (4) continual monitoring and updating of content — ensure that you can always find the timely, evidence-based information you need.


“Searching for effective Hair Loss Treatments?”


Discover new research on hair fall treatments and hair regrowth to transform your thinning hair into fuller thicker hair.


Mrijajguide teaches all about hair loss causes and treatments, hair care, hair growth tips, and natural remedies to treat damaged hair.




That’s all about me and my website.


If you agree with my words, knowledge, research, experience, and commitment.


Then I Ijaj Seikh the founder of Mrijajguide welcome you to my online family.


Your New Friend,

Ijaj Seikh