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Want to write for us? We are looking for guest post or sponsored post contributors with knowledge of the hair care & hair loss industry. If you know how to create engaging blogs and articles revolving around haircare & hair loss, we welcome you to join us.

MRIJAJGUIDE.in is the most trusted resource for everything related to hair loss and hair care.

We aim to educate, inform, and inspire women and men experiencing hair loss and provide them with the most updated information in the form of tips, treatments, and product recommendations.

Our recommendations are based on expansive research.

We want women & male to feel confident and beautiful by helping them make informed decisions about hair care & hair loss.

We guide them in choosing the best hair health practices and reputed and proven brands.

We would love guest bloggers to share their haircare & hair loss expertise and suggestions with us and write for our site.

We appreciate the value that bloggers, content writers, and digital marketers bring to our website with their well-researched and quality content.

If you are searching for a hair care & hair loss resource to share your opinion and expertise, there is none better than Mrijajguide.

We welcome blogs and articles on everything associated with hair loss and hair care including hair growth tips, regrowth treatment, and hair growth products and supplements.

When you write to us, please note that there are a few non-negotiable aspects:

  • Your articles must be original, well-structured, and offer valuable information to readers.

  • The articles must be free from any copyright infringement must pass standard plagiarism checks.

  • The content must be at least 1800 words long and must have a catchy heading of fewer than 70 characters.

  • The content must be constructed using short sentences, and paragraphs separated by suitable subheadings.

  • The images provided must be relevant, meet our website’s quality standards, and must be suitably compressed to ensure the fast loading of pages.

  • Free images used for the content must be approved for commercial & non-commercial purposes.

  • Spam content or broken links must not form part of the content.

  • We accept third-party submissions in MS-Word Document format and must be sent as an email attachment.

  • Before you write for us, we request you to check out our blog posts and articles to understand what we love to publish.

  • Your content must meet the exacting and high standards we have set to be accepted for publication on Mrijajguide.in

  • We also request you to provide us your profile details, photograph, and links to your social accounts so that your publications can be appropriately credited.

  • The submission must be done through email with the subject – ‘Guest Post for Mrijajguide’ so we know what your email is about.

  • If you do not mention Guest Post in the email subject line, it might get lost with other emails.

  • Keep in mind it’s not free. We may charge 500-1000 dollar of money depending on how many links you want in a single guest post.

Please make sure you read and understand the guidelines and requirements of our site before you submit your content.

If you have any questions and want any clarifications about guest blogging, do let us know via the Contact Us or by using our email address ijajseikh123@gmail.com for the purpose and we will reply in the quickest possible time.