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What Is Your Goal For Ramadan?

I'm gonna ask everyone a question, what is your goal for Ramadan? And I really mean this to you, and don't answer me, I'm in the same boat as you are and will be, what do you want to get out at the end of Ramadan? The day tomorrow is Eid, and believe me it's going to be like a blink of an eye where you're going to hear the announcement tomorrow is Eid, what did you achieve? And this question I always ask myself every single year. All the millions will be fasting , so I didn't do anything special, most of the millions will be praying tarawih , so I didn't do something special, most of these people will continue to work, or go to school, or have exams, take care of their families, whatever their usual life is going to continue in spite of adding the Ramadan requirement .  So, what I'm going to do special, a man was saying and came to my mind, when I am going to be meeting Allah subhah wa ta'ala, when he's going to be looking at me, and this is fo

Ramadan To Do List

When a month like this comes around, what's your first reaction? Alhamdulillah. What a lord, who doesn't have to forgive us, who doesn't have to show us Mercy, but he still sends us seasons of forgiveness and mercy to inspire the best version of us. What a lord, who sends upon us a month, that even if we just did the Deeds, that we typically do of obligatory Deeds, they are multiplied in their reward. What a lord, who controls the gates of the heavens and the Earth, and who by his will by his power by his might by his Mercy the gates of paradise are flung open, the gates of Hellfire are shut, and the devils are put into chain, alhamdulillah. We have a merciful Lord , Allah wants you to know him as a compassionate, and as a merciful Lord, who sends you these moments of forgiveness . So, the first thing about Ramadan is, if Allah subhana wa tala allows you to live to see that moment, the first thing is alhamdulillah, you allowed me to see that moment, because you have to b